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Mistakes happen. They are even more likely to happen when we are overstretched. Yet somehow many health and social care professionals feel that their organisations do not authorise them to apologise in a normal human way when mistakes are made. This leads to problems escalating to formal complaints when there is no real need for this. It also leads to people and families who have experienced major system failings feeling abused by the systems that have already failed them, leading to long,...

Sally Morgan
by Sally Morgan
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Sally Morgan

Lets use technology to link professional networks to provide peer support and training. By providing a data secure space providing webinars, blogs, video conferencing we could be providing themed spaces. Imagine how services would improve if we could link the world class experts that we have directly with front-line staff, or how networks could support each other to develop services across agencies.

Sally Morgan
by Sally Morgan
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Sally Morgan

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Sally Morgan

London, United Kingdom

Joined this community on Sep 10, 2018

Bio Clinical Psychologist with a clinical background in Child and Adolescent Mental Health. Specialist in autism and other neurodevelopmental issues and in intellectual disabilities. I have worked in a wide range of settings including the NHS, Social Care and not-for-profit. Recently a Darzi Fellow, specialising in whole system care pathway transformation, working with CCGs and regional and national bodies to improve outcomes for patients with long-term respiratory issues.

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