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We need proper funding to give people who work in care more control over their career. Age UK has warned that an underpaid, overstretched workforce would inevitably result in vulnerable elderly people receiving poor care. The lack of funding, which has led to some social care workers being paid just £5 an hour, is estimated to result in an expected deficit of 600,000 care workers by 2025, which is a recipe for disaster. I believe that through the introduction of adult social care...

John Woodward OBE
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John Woodward OBE

John Woodward OBE

Lichfield, United Kingdom

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Bio Co-founder and President of Busy Bees childcare and founder of Busy Bees Benefits. Now campaigning for new forms of adult social care funding via a voucher system. In 1998 I developed one of the first childcare voucher schemes. Built from nothing, we helped 600,000 parents make considerable savings. I am now committed to helping solve the social care funding crisis, using my experience in delivering successful salary sacrifice schemes to campaign for a system of adult social care vouchers.

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