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You need to define what success you are measuring before you decide if you are succeeding or not. Patient morality rates or financial balance? I would guess that a suite of success measurable factors are required to understand if a ward, department, division, Trust or the NHS is succeeding or not. But here's the rub to many and its a self serving exercise and to little it is easily discredited. But the elephant in the room with the NHS is 'gaming' the results not to be negative. Real success...

Ian Britton
by Ian Britton
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Ian Britton

I feel you have joined two separate issues with different root causes together, i.e. Bullying and harassment to NHS staff by other members of NHS staff and the second issue of violence to NHS staff. This joining together is already expressed in the posts on this forum and provides a confused narrative.. 

Ian Britton
by Ian Britton
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