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After around 45 years in adult social care I've learnt an important and rewarding lesson - listen to your service users. The best training I have ever learnt is form the service users themselves, as they know what they need to be able to function. Years ago money was thrown at services and the outcome were not always positive ones. From my experience people will tell you what they need, and my job has always been to find that support or find the relivant help or advice. I've always been...

Lloyd Coombes
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Lloyd Coombes

Lloyd Coombes

London, United Kingdom

Joined this community on Oct 17, 2018

Bio Manager of two older people's day care centre. Supporting people with physical disabilities and with the onset of mild to moderate dementia. I have worked in the care profession for 40 plus years, and still enjoy my work and strife to deliver good outcomes for my service users.

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