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More training posts to help reduce the deficit of senior clinical decision makers.

Karl Guttormsen
by Karl Guttormsen
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Karl Guttormsen

We should have parity with regards to prescribing rights. I am a registered Podiatrist and I am doing the MSc in Advanced Clinical Practice working in Acute Medicine. Currently I am not entitled to prescribe off licence medicines or most controlled drugs. This means that whilst I am doing the same job as my nursing colleagues I am unable to deliver the same quality of care. This leads to a disadvantage in employability I.e. if I go for a job but can't prescribe the medication my patients...

Karl Guttormsen
by Karl Guttormsen
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Karl Guttormsen

Karl Guttormsen

Manchester, United Kingdom

Joined this community on Oct 14, 2018

Bio Trainee Advanced Clinical Practitioner in Acute Medicine

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