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Asking how to measure success is like asking how to catch fog. Is either actually possible?  Every service uses satisfaction surveys, audits, compliance monitoring systems and feedback tools. If they all show GREEN on their RAG rating and everyone seems content with what they are getting does this make a service successful?  I really don't think so. Success is not something that can be measured, nor should it be. Success is a concept born out of a need for one-upmanship. A very 1980's...

Sarah O'Connor
by Sarah O'Connor
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Sarah O'Connor

Do Registered Nurses working in social care settings really feel valued? My experience of working in both the NHS and ASC have highlighted an often unnoticed lack of understanding about who social care nurses really are. I'm often asked if a ward needs to refer to district nurses for xxxx and have to explain that as a NURSING home we have registered nurses who provide all such care. Eyebrows raise when we don't bat an eyelid at supporting complex health needs and concerned comments of "are...

Sarah O'Connor
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Sarah O'Connor

Sarah O'Connor

Skipton, United Kingdom

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Bio RN and Care Home Deputy Manager. Passionate about raising the profile of nurses working in social care.

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