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My niece worked in the accounting dept of a large hospital. I was horrified to hear that budgets had to be spent in order to claim more for the following year. To achieve this, equipment that was not really needed was purchased and kept in a room, unused, which  is a complete waste of NHS funds!! Has this system  since been changed? More support for Domiciliary Care would help free up beds in hospitals, but we need support with recruiting   

Rebecca Roberts
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Rebecca Roberts
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The biggest challenge facing Providers is, without doubt, Recruitment. The face of Care is still seen as ‘a last resort job’ even though it is far from that! With great Training, fair pay, Personal Development and the right support, Care is a fantastic career path and can lead to Management opportunities. I have written to a number of Government figures suggesting a Social Care Recruitment drive (National) to showcase the wonderful opportunities and unrivalled job satisfaction that is...

Rebecca Roberts
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Rebecca Roberts

Rebecca Roberts

Whitchurch, United Kingdom

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Bio Was Operations Director for large Care Agency, now retired but enjoying consultancy work and Quality Assessor role...

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