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I am the employer and I continuously support my team to learn and develop. It's a must in any role but this one especially. You are dealing with peoples lives.  How can anyone be expected to be outstanding if they don't have access to the tools to learn how to be?

Gillian Holden
by Gillian Holden
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Gillian Holden

Having been a carer and a manger and now a director I have seen Health and Social care from different views.  when I was a carer I relied on my seniors to support me and make me feel comfortable that I could go to them if I had concerns or worries. This wasn't always the case as they were "Too busy" or never visible within the business other than behind a name on an email address! Bullying is a national problem and not only in the care sector but everywhere. Especially now we have the...

Gillian Holden
by Gillian Holden
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Gillian Holden

I am a director of a Domiciliary Care Agency and have seen far too often that companies will hire anyone with not nearly enough training and a serious lack of support. Having been a carer myself I can fully appreciate the long hours and effort that go into truly outstanding care. Going above and beyond within the professional boundaries that makes a measurable difference to my team, the individuals, family members and the wider community.  We have implemented a review schedule for all new...

Gillian Holden
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Gillian Holden

Gillian Holden

Whitchurch, United Kingdom

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