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Just as in the other themes, there is a lack of management training that would contribute to effective support for staff to continue professional development. Most industries have effective methods for ensuring that CPD is managed effectively and these are linked to supervision, reflective practice, work performance evaluation, and the design of roles to fit needs, all of which require capable and consistent management strategies, rather than reactive and disjointed initiatives.  There also...

Eleanor Levy
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Eleanor Levy

My experience of the recruitment processes in HSC generally is that they are intensely bureaucratic, especially in NHS and result in repeated visits before start of contract that are not remunerated even to the extent of expenses. Often the Job Description does not resemble what is actually required and does not connect to the larger team mission.  Like many other back office functions in HSC, the HR dept does not demonstrate the values and principles of the organisation and is not customer...

Eleanor Levy
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Eleanor Levy

use effective change management skills to engage staff in solving problems, reduce duplication and ineffective methods and make the job more client-focused and effective; this can be achieved by establishing effective governance in which staff reflective practice improves case focus but also addresses systematic issues. Management needs to pay  attention to reflective practice work products and ensure that benchmarks are established for current practice before evaluating new methods. There...

Eleanor Levy
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Eleanor Levy

Eleanor Levy

Epsom, United Kingdom

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Bio I am a diversity champion and leader in health and social care service development. My personal experience in overcoming obstacles of disability and social exclusion supports my passion in upholding social values. I have sophisticated supervision and performance management skills that bring out the best in staff. I have an equally strong commercial project management background, with leadership, communications and change management skills consistent with my Chartered Manager status.

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