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Genevieve Hibbs
by Genevieve Hibbs
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Genevieve Hibbs

Aim for shift workers to be able to choose the eight hour (+ handover) shifts that suit their lifestyles and their family.  Pay more for the night shift and more again for the least popular, evening shift.  Five should be the normal number of shifts per seven days, but people could opt to do one extra shift for extra pay. They used this pattern in the hospital that I worked in in the United States.  It worked well.  Staff were not exhausted at work. 12 hour days are bad for the general...

Genevieve Hibbs
by Genevieve Hibbs
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Genevieve Hibbs

Genevieve Hibbs

HAYES Greater London, United Kingdom

Joined this community on Sep 13, 2018

Bio SRN 1957; SCM 1959; Dip missionary nursing 1963; Dip Christian education of children 1963; OHNC 1969; BS missionary nursing 1974; MPH 1980; Senior lecturer health studies 1980-86 ; Dip in teaching and course development in higher education 1985; PhD cybernetics 1990; Local elected councillor (independent) L B Hounslow 2002-10, executive member 'service improvement and performance management' 2006-7; Mayor 2008; Currently: CQC 'expert patient'; Hillingdon CCG PPI&E committee;

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