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How can we raise awareness of MH issues in healthcare? Make it something people are open to talking about? Reduce the isolation? Then, make sure help is just one click away if and when it's needed? You could do all this if trusts issued all healthcare workers this fob at induction. Immediately opening the conversation on day one, not a hushed, side session but in a way that reflects how common this problem is. It's not the few that are affected but the many. The fob would mean that...

Laura Blackburn
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Laura Blackburn

Laura Blackburn

King's Lynn, United Kingdom

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Bio I'm a gastroenterology trainee who has developed a keen interest in education, coaching and mentoring and support structures. Initially triggered by my involvement as a mentee on a pilot national mentoring programme with The British Society of Gastroenterology. Since then, taking on a Coaching and Mentoring Fellowship within Health Educaton England (EoE) has enabled me to work with colleagues across the region to establish mentoring schemes for trainee doctors and also work towards embedding this valuable opportunity within the fabric of training. In training towards a diploma and coaching and mentoring and having completed a PGCE I continue my involvement and I am also working with the BSG in setting up a National mentoring scheme for Gastroenterologists. When not knee-deep in a variety of different projects I spend most of her free time with my partner and children running around the East Anglian countryside.

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