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Where does failure to perform hand hygiene fall?

Failure to do hand hygiene is interesting.  It truly could be a slip or a lapse which would warrant consoling the person per just culture.  It could also be at-risk behavior (the risk is judged to be small by the person).  This would receive coaching in just culture.  Note that if the behavior persists despite coaching, it would warrant a punitive response.  But one could also judge that failure to do hand hygiene is an egregious action and should be met with a punitive response.  Most organizations do not respond to a failure to do hand hygiene as an egregious action.

Think of a safety incident with a patient or service user where you or a colleague have felt supported and treated in a fair way in your workplace. Explain why you felt this.

Now think of a time where you have not felt supported or treated fairly in the workplace. Explain why you felt this.

What could have been done differently to make you feel better supported and treated fairly?

What would be useful in helping develop a just culture?

edited on Feb 21, 2019 by Isabel DHSC
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