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Turning the Topol Review upside down

The Topol Review reads very much like a blueprint for tertiary specialist pointy-headed departments of genomics and robotics, whilst there is massive potential to use data and technology as an enabler of patient and clinician-led change.

By clinicians I mean community and primary care based teams - for example, Community Nurses, who spend up to 50% of their time on patients with chronic wounds and /or leg ulcers. This costs the NHS millions of pounds a year, but most service providers struggle to track the impact of their interventions as current software programmes e.g. Systm1 do not allow them to capture and audit data on multiple wounds easily.

New technology using digital cameras to measure and record the depth and size of wounds and ulcers as well as detecting potential skin infections before they are visible to the human eye is being piloted in Derbyshire in a collaboration between NHS services and private sector software developers.

By tracking healing or deterioration rates more accurately staff will be able to assess the impact of their interventions and benchmark performance with other trusts - something which is not currently possible. More importantly, patients are more likely to regain their quality of life - thus achieving the IHI triple aim.

Another opportunity not highlighted by the Review is the potential to offer NHS staff the freedom to solve problems by engaging with local communities, educational institutions and the third sector - an example is the Sickle Cell Hackathon this weekend led by in London which brought patients, tech experts, data analysts, clinicians and researchers together to come up with solutions.

With 40,000 nursing vacancies and 5000 more GPs needed in the NHS it is time to give our staff the time and space to innovate, recharge and engage with their local populations in a meaningful way.  


Andrea Priest 3 months ago

The idea has been progressed to the next milestone.

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David Behan 3 months ago

A great contribution to the debate . You are right that technology will be a tactical assistance to people undertaking some fundamentally significant roles in the community Thank you

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Adam DHSC 2 months ago


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