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Women of colour in digital health

We have recently founded the Shuri Network (named after the Black Panther character) for women of colour in NHS health informatics and technology with support from NHS England and Health Education England. 

20-50% of our nursing workforce, 40 %of hospital Drs and 28% of GPs are from a BAME background and yet <5 Chief Information Officers or Chief Clinical Information Officers are women of colour.

BAME women are very often the ones using software and technology on the NHS frontline to care for patients but are almost never involved in designing and leading digital transformation programmes.

We want to support women at all stages of their NHS careers to actively participate in leading the digital transformation the NHS needs.

 We know that networks can help members:

  • Access support and build resilience 
  • Feel empowered to apply for leadership roles
  • Act as champions, role models and break through barriers

Jo Denson 3 months ago

The idea has been progressed to the next milestone.

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The Shuri Network 3 months ago

We are @NetworkShuri and are working with the Digital Academy, RCN and Digital Health to help develop a more inclusive NHS leadership community that reflects the diversity of the NHS workforce, support career progression and identify authentic role models, particularly in underrepresented groups such as AHPs and nurses.

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The Shuri Network 3 months ago

We aim to do this by identifying role models from the public and private sector, offering bursaries for women of colour to participate in digital leadership programmes, running workshops and discussions, sharing our experience, stories and successes, and working with partners to support young people who may be interested in a career in digital health - building the next generation of NHS leaders and trailblazers.

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