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How can we attract doctors to work in shortage specialties?

There are currently imbalances in the distribution of doctors across specialties, and in some are areas there is an undersupply of doctors. Well known shortage specialties include Emergency Medicine, Acute Medicine and Geriatrics, but there are others. We will need to ensure we have the right number of doctors in the right specialty areas to keep pace with increasing – and increasingly complex – patient demand.

Silvia Machaqueiro 3 months ago

The idea has been progressed to the next milestone.

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Adam DHSC 3 months ago

Status label added: PANEL QUESTION

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Laurainne Copnall 3 months ago

One consideration could be to enable colleagues in primary care who have identified an interest in a specific specialty to collaborate with their colleagues in secondary care - ie an opportunity to spend time in a secondary care setting.

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Adam DHSC 2 months ago

Status label added: CHAIR/LEAD QUESTION

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Adam DHSC 2 months ago

Status label removed: PANEL QUESTION

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