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Journey not a destination

My response to this post, probably incorporates responses to other question sin this cluster, and my response is aimed predominantly at challenges with getting leaders to take on roles within hard to recruit areas. 

Of course "Hard to recruit areas" may refer to both Geography and Specialism.

Effective career conversations, structured personal and professional career plans  and succession planning can support recruitment into hard to recruit areas.

Having a career conversation with somebody who has an obvious gap in their CV, whilst knowing that gap can be filled by the person moving to the hard to work area for a time bound period, is likely to be more palatable if the employee, knows that it forms part of their overall career path. If somebody can see the learning they can take from a move, be it sideways or upwards, then they are more likely to engage with it. Especially if it would strengthen their value to the organisation. Make more use of structured secondment, where as well as measuring business metrics, the individuals career is measured in terms of skills acquisition.

Heather DHSC 3 months ago

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