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Treating bullying and harassment as a risk

We should look to learn lessons from the work of Professor Michelle Tuckey - who has done extensive work and research in this area over the last ten years or so. Working with the healthcare, education and prison sectors in Australia, she has identified the critical aspects of bullying and harassment that link it to risk and identified tools and strategies to reduce that risk. Latest research highlighted here:

Think of a safety incident with a patient or service user where you or a colleague have felt supported and treated in a fair way in your workplace. Explain why you felt this.


Now think of a time where you have not felt supported or treated fairly in the workplace. Explain why you felt this.

What could have been done differently to make you feel better supported and treated fairly?

What would be useful in helping develop a just culture?

Adam DHSC 3 months ago

Hi Paul, Thanks for this helpful post.
Have you used any of these strategies in your organisation?


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Paul Deemer 3 months ago

No Adam. But Professor Tuckey cites examples in her presentation - such as the Prison Service in Australia. There are UK examples of orgs / trusts who have used similar strategies to tackle bullying in their trusts. Here's a good link:

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Adam DHSC 3 months ago

Thanks Paul

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