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Has to be more than just political decision

I actually took time of my break at work to read the whole document posted online and everything seems very political, just empty words. There were no sums mentioned other than famous 20b Pounds. There are no examples how to achieve many of the promises.

Some highlighted areas that are in a need of attention, ie mental health, had their budges cut by the Government and now it seems like the politicians would like to be welcomed as heroes. Public might forget all the cuts because staff were doing everything in their power so the patient wouldn't notice anything. 

I've been in the NHS since 2014 and I promise you that there was not a point when I said "It's getting better". It first started with putting price tags on ward store room shelves, then slowly we got cheaper materials to work with - things that were cheaper by piece, but we had to use more of those and ended up spending more. Cheaper dressings meant that patients were more likely to acquire infections on the wound sites or line insertion sites. 

I think the best way to show to the people that you care is to put in charge of the NHS someone who's passionate about what the NHS stands for. Someone who worked in the NHS maybe. You do not put a person which was linked to lobbies calling out for the privatization of the NHS. 

Regarding staff retention and attracting people to come to the NHS - you cut bursaries for nursing students and you're surprised that you need to import more nurses? Do you even know that Filipinos don't see UK in their top 3 places to live and work? 

Also, holding that speech in Liverpool and not addressing the issue of Royal Liverpool Hospital (yes, even nurses in London heard of it)is not cute. That speech had a second thing that rings in everyone's ears and that's the mention of the money that's paid into the EU... Like, seriously? Pulling that for the people... My first question was if the PM came to Liverpool in a red bus from the campaign. 

How can we ensure you are respected, valued and treated fairly?

This is an advice for in general: treat staff with respect. NHS pays less than private healthcare and less than many other jobs so people who work in the NHS they choose to do so. Try to remember all the nurses and HCA more than just on nursing day and major catastrophes. 

How can we build a positive and modern employment culture?

I'm not even sure anymore. I see people on an every day basis being shut down for proposing improvements or being proactive. 

How can we support you to adapt to current and future challenges?

How can the NHS get better at helping its staff strike a good work life balance?

Maybe reduce work hours per week. Netherlands have 30 hpw and they're one of the happiest nations. Same pay for less hours? 
Maybe if Trust would have more connections to letting agencies to provide key worker accommodation because in London after I pay rent and bills - i have to do bank shifts for food and transfer. 

edited on Jan 14, 2019 by Heather DHSC
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