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Make Work Work in the NHS

I love all the QI stuff and the improvements generated - but - what is being improved? A process that was previously ill defined is changes a bit to create a temporary improvement but it's not long before the changed process slips back to what it was before. So - what was the point? My idea is for each and every process in the NHS to be documented using a particular process mapping technique and for the process maps to be used by ALL NHS employees for guidance. Relevant process maps to be updated as a result of QI projects. Design and maintenance of the process maps to be the responsibility of the workforce. The correct process mapping technique is important.

How can we ensure you are respected, valued and treated fairly?

Respect, value and fair treatment can be designed into the process maps.

How can we build a positive and modern employment culture?

The effect of empowering the workforce and allowing them to design and maintain their own processes will develop a positive and modern employment culture. There will need to be a structure for authorising new and changed process maps but that will no be difficult to establish.

How can we support you to adapt to current and future challenges?

Some training will be required but initial (draft) process maps can be produced using informal techniques.

How can the NHS get better at helping its staff strike a good work life balance?

Empower them to design and develop how they do their work. Establish best practice processes and reduce/eliminate variation.

edited on 14th January 2019, 12:01 by Heather DHSC

Heather DHSC 4 months ago

Hi Tom

Thanks for sharing your idea. I'm interested to know more about this. How would you see this working in practice? In what area of the NHS do you think this process mapping technique would work best?


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Tom Rose 4 months ago

Heather, Eventually I think it will be necessary for all processes in the NHS to be managed properly. Initially though an good Beta site would be a Community Hospital or GP practice. Hopefully all process maps generated will be shared across the NHS to enable best practice to be established, reduce variation and have a more structured approach to QI projects and audit. The process mapping technique used is important for this idea to be successful. Thoughts of traditional process mapping techniques may put people off the idea. The answer to the question of how this would work in practice is a bit longer and I will compile another post to cover this.



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Tom Rose 3 months ago

Heather, In answer to you question 'how would you see this working in practice?' the first point is that processes have to be documented by the staff that are doing the work. New process mapping techniques can make this a much less demanding and time consuming activity. I have done a lot of work defining a suitable process documentation technique based around flow charting. Initial process designs can be created using more informal techniques than has been the case in the past. In practice this would require a group of people, from a Beta site as mentioned previously, to undertake some training in the techniques proposed. These techniques, although new, have been previously used and are effective. Documenting key processes could then start and results evaluated.
Once evaluated for the Beta site training could be spread throughout the NHS via the established QI network that is currently spreading across the NHS.
If someone in the NHS could find a willing Beta site for me I could lead the way to establish proper process management in the NHS. Regards Tom Rose, member of the Q Community.

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Adam DHSC 3 months ago

The idea has been progressed to the next milestone.

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