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We’ve a huge amount of energy & enthusiasm for promoting the thrill and buzz of life living and working in care homes and how true partnerships with NHS colleagues (linked to EHCH work and NHS Vanguard projects etc).    Happy to share the work of the DEVON CARE KITE MARK anytime.   It’s long standing success, contribution and vision has real value adding potential as a unique model of embedding keenness, kindness and pride in making a difference to people’s lives 

How can we ensure you are respected, valued and treated fairly?

making sure innovation and initiative based on likemindedness and a culture of drive and passion are supported and endorsed 

How can we build a positive and modern employment culture?

address the negativity in care home external opinion, promote the fab & fun things that go on in care homes everyday and accelerate a courageous arrival of the long awaited and overdue social care green paper !

How can we support you to adapt to current and future challenges?

involve us more value us more patronise us and pay lip service to genuine positive contributions less 

How can the NHS get better at helping its staff strike a good work life balance?

a dynamic culture of care campaign perhaps focused on the nature of living and working great lives in care homes.   Looking forward to 24/7 care when the time is right. A chapter of our lives that ‘takes the worries away’ 

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Adam DHSC 1 week ago

Hi George and thanks for your comments.

I would be interested to hear about the good work you are doing in Devon - do you have a link to a website - or email me at



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Sarah O'Connor 1 week ago

Hi Adam, only because I had a look myself, here is the website address. Looks a great initiative!


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George Coxon 1 week ago

We are very proud of what we feel to be a rather unique ‘provider led’ credible movement based on a ‘sharing to learn’ likeminded ethos that has had no external funding, is durable and has created a huge energy as well as a great many of our opted in members achieving outstanding ratings from CQC. We know influenced greatly by participation and contribution within the Devon Care Kite Mark. Email me at for more detail follow my tweets and check our DCKM weblink often.

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Tom Rose 1 week ago

A Kite Mark is a great achievement. Well done.

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