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How to Save the NHS - Part II

Employers could make the biggest difference to the health staff working life by implementing mandatory " Bank" flexible working nationwide, instead of the current financially wasteful recruitment and retention system that all NHS and Social Care have to undergo. Labelling health and social care employeess with Band 2-9 is divisive and dehumanising -  a well- intentioned idea in  theory, but an appalling way to treat healthcare employees in practice. "Off with its head!"

Instead allow a humanised version of healthcare where employees are able to roster themselves to work, rather than having to manage the  the current unhealthy pressurised system of mandatory shifts that suits a failing system - (lack of staff anyone?) 

There would be less expensive sickness absence rates, and money would be saved by having a more mentally and physically fit productive workforce,as they would feel that they are 'trusted' to choose  mutually respectful rotas. Rotas  that would suit both the needs of the health and social care service and the employees work - life balance.

Health and Social Care Services would become well-staffed with happy productive employees who feel they are 'Trusted' to have some control of how they choose to work in the 21st Century NHS. We do this 'work' as we 'care' for our fellow human beings, who become unable to care for themselves. The employers should not view this mindset as a 'weakness' that can be exploited to make the 'bottom line' look good. The 'bottom line' will not be there in physical form when it comes to needing someone to care.

Everyone, "once a man, twice a child..." Respect the healthcare and social care staff with the poorly valued 'work' that they do, by giving them a decent work-life balance. We do not live to work, we are human, and the healthcare system is making its staff 'sick' by ignoring our basic human needs. 'Liberty and Equality in all things.

Over and Out!

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Adam DHSC 5 months ago

Hi Patricia,

Thanks for your comments.

We have seen a number of people comment on design of rotas from across health and social care. You will see Mark discussing rota design for junior doctors also - and you will see the comments Matt Hancock has made regarding improving the rota design.

Rob Galloway has also written a blog on design of rotas -

Please do join these conversations!


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