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"The Five ADLs - "How to keep (yourself) out of nursing Home.' David Fisher MD

Healthy people usually take for granted their ability to get out of bed in the morning, use the bathroom, perform some level of hygiene, dress themselves and feed themselves. Once a person starts to lose the ability to perform any one of them, his or her likelihood of moving to a nursing home will skyrocket, therefore it is crucial that these five skills are maintained.

The government should therefore provide a monetary premium £5000 pa for highly skilled qualified Band 5 nurses who have chosen to provide exemplary qualified nursing care to keep these five skills maintained. The long term cost effectiveness of this bold idea would be astronomical for the health service, in terms of improved nursing care from skilled practitioners.


PATRICIA CLARKE 5 months ago

The monetary premium is for providing the nursing care for nursing home clients

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Adam DHSC 5 months ago

Thanks for your comment Patricia - you have continued to provide many ideas on #TalkhealthandCare. Please do keep the ideas coming!


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