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'Work Experience' for Job Seeker Claimants

Here is an idea... What about arranging with the local Job Centres work experience schemes for claimants to 'experience the world of work' in return for their job seekers allowance they give their time of  15 - 35hrs a week to their local hospital. After DBS clearance they can assist with transporting patients, delivering discharge medications, taking Family and Friends Surveys, assist with making beds. The claimants can assist the cleaners in keeping the ward hygienically clean.  The claimants can provide a 'listening ear' to lonely patients, assist with meals. They could be trained in Manual Handling and assist the nurses in turning patients. Claimants could assist with unpacking stores, laundry, and food.

A whole 'army' is available on every hospital's door-step and it can be deployed by the brave act of a government law to really provide a 'world-class' service for our long-suffering patient's and staff.

Adam DHSC 5 months ago

Hi Patricia, Thanks for your idea along with your others. These have been helpful and we continue to look into your ideas and will keep you updated. Hope you have a good weekend.

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