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Fair pay and terms and conditions for all home care staff

For all home care workers to feel valued and included , Local authority commissioning must change. As providers we works tirelessly in valuing our staff but if the terms and conditions arent right , its a constant uphill battle. I have been in the industry for over 20 years (as a care worker , manager ) and the same practice has continued which is very demoralising for everyone working with local authorities. No wonder care worker turnover figures are as high as 38%. 

Local authority commissioning need to realise that poor commissioning contributes towards a lower standard of care and an extremely high turnover in the sector (38% was the latest figure from skills for care)  The UKHCA (Minimum price for homecare in London £23.02 ) and the Unison Ethical care charter demonstrate how poor commissioning results in a stressed homecare work force and poor levels of care. Our councils in London still do not pay enough to cover paying our care workers to earn london living wage and still continue to have short visits. Often care workers work unpaid doing extra tasks out of the goodness of their heart. We still have councils paying £16 per hour - how can this possibly enable the social care sector to provide great care and terms and conditions to ensure our employees are valued. 

We have been talking about this issue for years to no avail.  Still there is no change.

One of our  Local authorities apparantly supports "Living wage" with the Living wage commission , yet they dont pay their providers enough to honour this.  Surely, a council cannot state they support Living wage , yet they dont pay their sub contractors enough to honour it. Thats not partnership working and doesnt uphold good principles  

Valuing staff is not supported by paying our home care workers minute by minute . This should not be allowed. Some Local authorities are still doing this. They should be paid for their time booked. NOT by time actually done . What industry books someones time then when they arrive to work penalise them if they leave early when they have completed their work satisfactorily. I find this unbelievable that this practice is allowed to happen.

What would you like to happen to make you feel more included and valued at work?

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MDRH 1 month ago

If L.A's continue to commission care in the same way and show little or no respect for their care providers, the sector will remain in crisis and more and more providers will turn away from supporting L.A contracts

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deepa dungar 1 month ago

Something needs to change - our care workers need to feel valued by the LA for the amazing work they do.

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Adam DHSC 1 month ago

Hi Sally,
Thanks for your insight into this. I have asked one of my colleagues to look into this and will keep you updated.


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