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"Resistance is Futile..."

Resistance to the inevitable adverse outcomes on both the staff and patients, health and experience, with the Government - Dept of Health and Social Care, not taking seriously the legitimate concerns of the doctors and nurses on the 'front-line'. Success could be measured by the Government when they legally implement what the front-line staff say would actually be efficient, cost-effective and practical for the NHS. For e.g. Self -rostering system that suits both the health service and the employee. Not the current draconian rule where it is the 'services' needs that are paramount. Flexibility in rostering is critical for today's organisational culture, and employees work-life balance. This should not be left to the vagaries of Trusts policies. The Government could  legally mandate flexible rostering for all NHS staff. Stressed, overworked and unmotivated  employees is not the way to run a health service. Measure success with implementing flexible working!

Without employees how can you run a service?

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Adam DHSC 5 months ago

Hi Patricia,

Thanks for your idea- I can see that you have also commented on Jacqui's post on this issue. Matt Hancock has commented on Jacqui's post today -

Please do continue this conversation and comments.


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