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"Survey finds high demand for agency nurses – and a shortage of available staff"

Here is a novel idea...The Government should  pass a Law immediately  that would proclaim that  all Registered nurses at Band 5 would  be paid the current "Bank Rates" of £17 - 23/hr instead of the current objectionable 'McDonalds' rate of £11.00/hr that a Permanent Registered Nurse member of Staff with an Honours Degree after three years training is expected to be thankful for.

This bold revolutionary action by any Government in power, allowing this appreciative remuneration, would turn the tide of the current dwindling numbers of qualified Registered Nurses. Registered Nurses are leaving the NHS  because of the  inhuman and unsustainable cognitive and physical demands expected by both Managers and the understandable demands of suffering in- patients. 


What would you like to happen to make you feel more included and valued at work?

The current reality of the ward is that the choice for Managers is either an Agency Nurse or No Nurse. 

Patient care and quality experience is suffering due to  the intransigence of successive governments to understand that Modern Nursing is not a religious vocation which therefore involves rejecting 'flexible hours' for a work/life balance, and a Professional salary.

In order to provide the health service that everyone expects and is entitled to, as they have paid for it through their taxes,Qualified Nurses should be valued by the Government.The Government could display this commitment by providing the £1billion a year out of the £20billion resources for the NHS for qualified Nurses continuous professional development. 

edited on Nov 12, 2018 by Sam P DHSC

Amy J France 6 days ago

Thank you for sharing your idea and for getting involved in the many discussions happening across the challenges. Do you think there would also be a need to encourage people to go into nursing? There are a few comments across the challenges about rotas as well as pay. Do you think pay would be enough?

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Amy J France 6 days ago

Have you spoken with Agency teams about this idea? I wonder if there are more factors as well as pay which come into account when people choose to work for an agency rather than a nhs organisation.

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Hello Amy,
You need enough money to pay your bills, or debt collectors will be banging on your door.This scenario would happen to you if you were paid the poor salary that a nursing degree now gets you.Cost containment is seen as more important than training with a living wage enough qualified nurses. The provision of basic resources, such as thermometers, blood pressure machines, and health care assistants who are trained to record basic vital signs in a clean, modern air-conditioned environment. The recruitment crisis would reverse overnight.

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Amy J France 4 days ago

Have you heard of the living wage campaign? It sounds like you are on the same wavelength as many individuals. I must admit I do not know the exact stats with regards to pay but are there any areas who are supporting nurses starting out better than others?

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Sarah O'Connor 4 days ago

Is there a risk that management roles would be priced out of the market? Career progression is an obvious attraction to many nurses however if there is little difference in their pay packet at the end of the month will anyone want to take on these roles? Strong leadership is an absolute must to ensure that nurses at all levels feel valued. Becoming a manager isn't about the pay increase but you make the point that skills and experience needs financial recognition.

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