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It's a must!!!

I am the employer and I continuously support my team to learn and develop. It's a must in any role but this one especially. You are dealing with peoples lives.  How can anyone be expected to be outstanding if they don't have access to the tools to learn how to be?

How does your employer help you to develop your skills or career?

We have just recruited 4 team members and 2 of them are already on a Level 2 Leadership course as I see them as future leaders!! They started 3 days ago. 

Lets be honest with ourselves. If we were to have someone look after one of our loved ones, would we want them to be trained? Supported? Driven? Loyal? YES. Of course we would.

We would want to feel our loved ones were in safe hands. So that's what we do for our valued customers too. We give them people who are trained, supported, valued, loyal and because of all of those are also driven!.

Without customers or a team what are we? Nothing.

What would you like to happen to enable you to develop your skills and career more?

As an employer I feel the team want to fell like we care about them and want them to progress and develop. Social Care is a seriously understated career yet I've made an incredible one out of it. I did that by having the people around me to encourage and empower me to believe in myself and what i am capable of.

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Adam DHSC 1 week ago

Hi Gillian,
Thanks for contributing your experience and its fantastic that you are working with staff who you see potential in. We have had several comments about the 'understated' and 'undervalued' nature of social care as a career. Caroline Dineage recently announced a pilot recruitment campaign - and I'd encourage you to take a look.

What do you think we can do to share the good practice it sounds like you are doing where you work?


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Gillian Holden 1 week ago

Hi Adam,

thank you for responding. May I ask why the focus is in Gloucestershire and Tyne and Wear? We have a huge need for good staff in many places? Will it be on the TV too like when they advertise for teaching jobs?

I think its about speaking to the people who are doing a good job and getting their feedback and real life situations! That's what sells it! People don't know enough about the role and how it is now. I feel real, raw video footage and hearing fro people would help.

People knowing they will be supported and trained properly.

There are so many really GOOD companies out there so pushing media to focus on the good rather than the bad!

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Amy J France 6 days ago

Hi Gillian,

I'm sure Adam will be able to provide more detail about the particular areas currently being focused on. It is incredible the support you are providing for your team and I can only imagine how quickly word will spread about the good opportunities and training you are providing. Are there any local networks near you where you can speak with other managers to encourage them to do the same?

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Gillian Holden 6 days ago

Hi Amy,
thank you for your response. I will await to see what Adam says then thank you.
We have some networking events through Skills for Care Registered Managers meetings. I am thinking of doing a recruitment drive myself locally for a few care providers to share the cost!

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Adam DHSC 1 day ago

Hi Gillian,

We totally agree, it’s so important to improve the public discourse into one that celebrates the incredible people who work in care and focuses more on the huge and endless numbers of good news stories.

This month we are running two recruitment campaign pilot test and learns in Gloucestershire and Tyne and Wear as we wanted to test how to roll out a national campaign locally, and these two areas have very different local infrastructures, demographics, geography etc which helps us to test different approaches and different audiences. However we will be launching nationally in the new year so keep an eye out for the campaign in your area.

We’re still testing different media and advertising channels as well as campaign messages and images in our pilot areas and will use the most successful methods when we launch nationally. So far the local radio adverts seem to be doing well as well as the social media advertising.
And you’re right, hearing from people who do the job is critical, and we think really helps to bring to life what working in care is all about. We’ve made several films with care staff and you can find these on, or through visiting the Facebook page, where you can also share your ideas in the comments section below on how we can encourage more people with the right values to work in adult social care. We want to build up our bank of case studies which we can promote across our website and social media during the campaign to ensure we can showcase the breadth of roles and opportunities available. Let us know if you’re able to help with this.


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Sarah O'Connor 6 days ago

YES! I love coming across others that have the same passion as I do to ensure that we are getting the basics right.
Training and development of staff not only reduces risks but it promotes the excellent services that our users deserve. For staff it shows value and appreciation of their skills and the attributes that they bring to our teams.
I have been in health care for 22 years and am once again studying to further develop myself. I cannot lead my team forward if I am standing still!

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