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Four years ago, I returned to the NHS to work as a nurse.  I was offered the position in August and did not start til December. Four years later, at another NHS Employer I applied to and offered the nurse position in September and  yet am still waiting to start work. 

Thirty years ago, the recruitment process for nurses took a mere four weeks, regardless of seniority. How on earth has a simple process of a nursing interview, offer of employment  and employment checks evolve to devolve into  the current Gorgion Knot in the 21st Century? How could the NHS have got it so wrong to tamper with what was a recruit and retention system that worked? As usual, the NHS threw out the 'baby with the bathwater', in its zeal to stamp its modernisation goals on what was a simple, and successful straightforward process.

Is this the modern corporate version of Human Resources for the NHS really the being the best use of resources and efficiency? As its unintended consequences, involves real financial hardship, with those nurses having to wait an inordinate amount of time to start work. 

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Joseph DHSC 7 months ago

Hi Patricia,

Thank you also for posting this idea. Having NHS staff face unnecessary delays when moving into a new role has negative consequences, some of which you’ve outlined. Nationally, regionally and locally, the NHS is working on how best to streamline staff movement between employing organisations so that this happens as quickly and efficiently as possible. For example, part of the solution lies in the electronic transfer of records. We are aware that progressing this truly enhances staff experience and there is a real commitment across the NHS to improve this.

You can check on progress on the workstream where this is happening on NHS Employers' website -

If you get a chance to look at the NHS Employers website I'd really appreciate your thoughts about what more could be done.



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Jamie 7 months ago

and it usually takes a few months to get paid overtime!

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PATRICIA CLARKE 7 months ago

Hi Joseph
I have read the NHS streamlining Report and the case studies. I am still concerned that reducing employment checks between NHS Trusts from 35 days to 19 days should be viewed as success.
Confirmation and validation of employment checks, Occupational Health in the 21st Century should take at the most a week. Human Resources in the NHS should have medically trained specialists to oversee clinical appointments, rather than the current generic approach for all staff, hence the disparate costly outcomes. The Human Resources workload which now encompasses the 'corporate' aims of partnering with 'businesses' should be separated from in-house commitment of providing a fast-track recruitment for NHS staff. Simples!

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(Account removed) 7 months ago

Thorough checks do take time but as you say it would be great to see the timings reduced. Hopefully with improved systems and more conversations about what can be done we will see a difference soon.

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