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by looking at job description/ personal specification for band 3, 4 and 5 for admin bands, there is more expectation from band 3 than band 5 and the pay is lower.

The banding system was suppose to equalise the work that is performed in the NHS. Instead the banding has merely prioritised bureaucracy over a clinical profession reflected in this pernicious comparison between basic job descriptions.

A job description for a Band 5 Nurse omits the following - Honours Degree, £120.00 a year registration payment, continuous professional development and revalidation every three years all requirements for the privilege of "..'...short staffing, high acuity patient load, multi-tasking, responsible for everything, from bed-making, to laundry, housekeeping, and completing half done work from the prior shift, no respect, no regard for your schedule, days off, or even 1/2 break time, how can you do anything but leave nursing, or remain, and get sick, that's constant stress 40+ hours a week, anything done that often, at that high intensity of stress/pace will eventually make you sick, and your health will suffer..."

edited on Nov 2, 2018 by Isabel DHSC
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