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How about applying the 80/20 Pareto's Law to the NHS?

More productivity with less cost ?  Find the 20% of the most productive sector of the NHS that creates the 80% cost effectiveness, efficiency and good patient experience. A win/win situation. I would humbly suggest that the 20% comprise of the health staff, so would it not make sense to put only clinical staff back in overall control of the NHS? 

Would the banking sector allow non- banking managers be in charge of their organisation after the 2008 financial crisis. It would not work would it. So why, was it ever thought to be a good idea to put non-clinical staff in charge of the NHS?

Please do what works. Healthcare managed by Clinicians please will create 400% returns if the 20/80 principle was implemented.

edited on Nov 1, 2018 by Adam DHSC

Adam DHSC 6 months ago

Thanks for your comments Patricia.

You are not the first to talk about clinical leadership and Matt Hancock has made improving clinical leadership within the NHS one of his priorities. You will see that this is mentioned in his speech -

You will see that Rosemary mentions it in her idea - for social care and Anna in her comment -

Please join and continue these conversations.


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