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'How to Reduce Sickness Rates amongst the Nursing Staff in the NHS '

The Government must mandate that NHS Trusts would be legally accountable if their staff do not take their 'unpaid breaks.' Staff should be disciplined if they do not take their break as they will be at a higher risk of making a fatal mistake, for example, a drug error. Also they will be more prone to take 'sick days' due to the lack of recovery from not taking their breaks. There should be a daily audit on whether staff had taken their breaks, and why not, and implement immediate changes to avoid the potential damage to patients and staff. The CQC should measure the Employers compliance to the Government backed law of ensuring that the healthcare staff take their breaks.

Tragically, we have the current situation where NHS Employers are financially penalised and staff are disciplined if NHS staff put the wrong rubbish in the wrong rubbish bag. Whereas employees (particularly nurses who work 12 and half hour shifts)  nursing staff are having to go without breaks in order to complete documentation which is now audited, like the handover sheet, and vital signs which literally stops nursing staff from taking their breaks, as they also have to nurse sick patients, complete additional paperwork with paper and pen or taking their breaks as their time is taken up inputting data in computers, because it is stressed that if it is not recorded, it did not happen. The audit data input mentality is crippling nurses health, as it becomes their priority on each shift, rather than patient care, and their own health.

Long term, the NHS will need find the time and funds to look after this generation of nurses in the future due to the cumulative effects of dehydration and cognitive overload on the human body. 




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'...short staffing, high acuity patient load, mult-tasking, responsible for everything, from bed-making, to laundry, housekeeping, and completing half done work from the prior shift, no respect, no regard for your schedule, days off, or even 1/2 break time, how can you do anything but leave nursing, or remain, and get sick, that's constant stress 40+ hours a week, anything done that often, at that high intensity of stress/pace will eventually make you sick, and your health will suffer. - See more at:

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Thanks for your comments Patricia. I'm looking into this and will get back to you when I hear back.


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