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Paid Family Carers - put the money in the right place.

I'm husband to my wife who needs support due to Advanced MS. I work full time to keep our home and children. We're supported through NHS CHC funded private care company delivering regular weekday paid carers whilst I'm at work. We've looked at Personalisation (PHB) to improve this but to much risk and onus on the individual. 


We just want the funding to be in the right place to do the best job. Ideally I'd be paid a wage (high enough) which enables me to care for my wife, I'm best qualified by far and do it unpaid evenings and weekends anyway. 

Why can't the 'Social Care' system recognise the millions of unpaid family carers as keystrokes of the care workforce, and actually put some funding in the right place to enable us to do what we know is right. 

It's just insane paying private care companies to pay carers low wages to deliver care that is not the very best it could be when you have family members who go the extra mile always due to love and commitment but need the financial backing to deliver truly great care. 

I'm at the end of my tether with this. 

The care system delivers more stress for us than the condition itself. This can't be right. 

Free us up to do what we need to do. Support us. Please. Properly. We know best. Not a care 'system'. 


Support family carers to deliver care to their families. 

Professionally. Not unpaid.

We already have all the knowledge and skills by experience.  

What would you like to happen to make you feel more included and valued at work?

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Samuel P DHSC 7 months ago

Thank you very much indeed for taking the time to write to us.

Carers are all different and all face their own individual circumstances, and we know how important it is to acknowledge this in all the work we are doing. We are working to support carers to provide care in a way that best suits them and their personal circumstances. This can only work if carers’ health, well-being, job and family are all taken into account. We took a big step towards this in June when we published the Carers Action Plan [1], which sets out our commitment to supporting carers over the next two years in all these aspects of their lives. It would be great to hear any thoughts you have on the Carers Action Plan.

There is still more to do to support unpaid carers, which is why carers will be at the heart of the upcoming green paper. We really encourage you to contribution to the green paper once it’s published.

We greatly appreciate the invaluable care you provide, and thank you for taking the time of sharing your personal experience.



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Mark Brightburn 7 months ago

Thanks for responding Sam P @ DHSC.

Have been looking forward to the green paper now for some time, so will of course feed into that and glad that carers recognised at the heart of that, I hope, also supported fully too.

The Carers Action Plan has resulted in no change on the ground for me so far. That's got to be the key test on any policy document, does it help people on the ground quickly. I'd hoped that a more rounded Carers Strategy might have done that. Green paper will also no doubt be slow to implement any improvements so please think hard about that. What can be done immediately to assist family carers and how to get that out to the whole country consistently and quickly. The waiting for change and support is horrendous when living with a Long Term Condition.

Top 3 priorities from my perspective would be: 1. Radically improved social care system (NHS and LA's) which is properly funded, and linked to health care, to properly take the pressure of unpaid family carers. 2. Personal Budgets to enable rounded whole person packages of support inc. paying family members a fair wage for the care they can provide as experts (as opposed to hiring in basic provision private care companies, so not new money, just money enabled to be in the right place based on personal need and preference). 3. Paid carers leave 5-10 days for all working family carers, to be able to balance hospital visits etc.

Just try and do three things well, and actually make sure you reach the millions of family carers and actually improve their lives, and then do more once you've achieved that.

Look forward to the support when it arrives. I look forward to responding to one of these forums saying your work has indeed transformed my life as a carer.

Thank you

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