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We should have parity with regards to prescribing rights. I am a registered Podiatrist and I am doing the MSc in Advanced Clinical Practice working in Acute Medicine. Currently I am not entitled to prescribe off licence medicines or most controlled drugs. This means that whilst I am doing the same job as my nursing colleagues I am unable to deliver the same quality of care. This leads to a disadvantage in employability I.e. if I go for a job but can't prescribe the medication my patients need and a Nurse goes for the same job they are more likely to get it. It also means a compromise in patient safety; I will see, assess and diagnose, but then have to get a Nurse or doctor to issue a prescription for the patient who, they may not have actually seen. If we are to have a truely integrated and mobilised work force there needs to be the same rights to prescribe across the disciplines.  I will be doing a role akin to an FY2 when qualified but I will have to do so with limitations that do not apply to my medical or nursing colleagues. 


What would you like to happen to make you feel more included and valued at work?

Advanced Clinical Practitioners are able to be trained from any of the registered disciplines, but are at a significant disadvantage if their parent profession is not nursing. It would help if ACP was a recognised profession, in its own right, with a protected title. This would enable a proffesional body to be established that understands the diversity of the role. It would allow for appropriate legislation to be put in place to support this group e.g. with regards to parity of prescribing rights. It would enable ACPs to develop a cohesiveness that is currently lacking. I would envisage a unified group working from a core set of competencies as laid out in the multidisciplinary advanced practice competencies document, irrespective of parent background.

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Adam DHSC 6 months ago

Thank you for your comments Karl. What kinds of controlled and off-licensed drugs do you need in your role?


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Karl Guttormsen 5 months ago

Hi Adam, thanks for following up, I can provide a detailed list but things like pain relief e.g. morphine, fentanyl, codeine etc.. also off licence drugs such as ondansetron, larvae therapy etc..

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Karl Guttormsen 4 months ago

Hi Adam, I've been thinking a lot about your question. Basically everything my nursing and medical colleagues can. I was in resus the other day, patient with a STEMI I wouldn't have been able to prescribe the morphine he needed. Up on AMU later a pt had a seizure, I wouldn't have been able to prescribe the lorazepam he needed as it was IV. Hope that gives a bit more of an understanding of the limitations. Thanks for taking the time to read and respond, most appreciated. Happy Christmas.

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