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bullying at your workplace

I've been bullied in my previous work. I've complained about it, but nothing has been done. No one informed me about the progress. I couldn't work there any longer and I had to leave. I feel that NHS brushing things under the carpet.

There is also fear of staff what's going to happen to them when they complain.

I also have been bullied by patient who was very abusive and resist to me. He made me cry. I felt awful.

What would you like to happen to help you work without fear of bullying, discrimination or violence?

I would like to be informed that someone handling the complain and receive outcome.

There should be respect for staff from patients who only trying to help them. Patient's should be informed about treating members of staff with respect.

edited on Nov 5, 2018 by Isabel DHSC

Adam DHSC 8 months ago

Dear Agnieszka,

Thank you for your comments and am sorry to hear of the experiences you have had. Matt Hancock has discussed bullying in this thread:

ACAS have some advice on their website -


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