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Permission to administer medicines Sir !

Changeover to new Bank Provider, has not created an agreement with Trust to allow their Bank Staff to administer drugs which is an essential part of patient safety and  to maintain a qualified nurse's practice.

How does your employer help you to develop your skills or career?

It does not, the Bank Provider says it is up to the Trust. The Trust says they have "no agreement" with the Bank Provider.

What would you like to happen to enable you to develop your skills and career more?

There should be formal arrangements between the Corporate  Bank Provider for qualified Bank Nurses to take a Drug Calculation Test and Drug Round Test within first month of employment with the Trust. Secondly, there should be a Drug Calculation Test and IV administration test after three months to enable Bank Nurses to administer IV drugs. Especially if they have come from a Trust where they were already competent to give drugs.

Deskilling Nurses by not creating the means of allowing bank staff to develop their skills will only drive them to leave the Bank Nurses Provider and get a full time job elsewhere. Investment in training would allow more Bank Nurses to have a better work/life balance, and there would be more qualified nurses for the patients. 


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Have you raised this with your trust?

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PATRICIA CLARKE 8 months ago

Yes, it is in the system to be solved by the Bank Provider's Compliance Dept as there is currently no agreement between the Trust and the Bank Provider.

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