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Cycle of excellence

We have to view success in terms of cyclical change. The NHS is changing with changing times. The five year forward view puts patient focus closer to home. The DH want to see clinical effectiveness but don't know how to measure what we do so we have to define what we do.

I would argue that this is a near impossible task since we are dealing with people and the lifespan. We need therefore a model which embraces humanity at it's core. What i mean by this is that we have an open door and transparency with people constantly drifting through the NHS, developing bands 1-6 leading through innovation and change.

People should not be allowed to stand still in their job within nursing as this is not what nursing inherently does. The measure of clinical effectiveness needs re-branding. The direction is now coming from mindfulness and coaching with health and well being at it's core. People need support to be reflective and take responsibility for the self and the wider society in order for community to develop truly transformational and sustainable changes. I include the environment in this too. An economy without health is an economy which fails to thrive.

My vision is an economy driven by sustainable goals both in environmental sustainability and health promotion. This involves greater cultural shifts in work patterns and trade and industry, perhaps with a greater emphasis on occupational health and food and drink.

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Adam DHSC 8 months ago

Thanks for you comments Naomi.


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(Account removed) 8 months ago

Have you seen any great examples of this working in practice?

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Matt Hancock 6 months ago

Dear Naomi,
Thank you for your thoughtful contribution and ideas.

Ensuring the good health and well-being of our staff is so important and supporting our staff enables them to deliver the best they can for our patients. Sometimes, as you have mentioned, it is about getting the basics right. It’s also about open leadership and through #TalkHealthandSocial I hope to understand some of these issues better.

Thanks for your hard work and please keep contributing to the conversations.

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