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retention, retention, retention...

The latest Skills for Care report shows around 30% turnover rate of staff in social care. Care workers that I have spoken to and data from some of our surveys and research shows that the greatest problem is retention. Care workers burn out, are paid peanuts for highly skilled and demanding work and looked down at by society.

We must ensure that people want to remain working in care. We must change the way care work is perceived (Like the Professional Care Workers' Day that NACAS run this year) and show people that it is an amazing job.

Care workers need to be paid and treated better and we will stay. We will stay because looking after people is not a job but a mission and because we love it. But we cannot continue doing it at the cost to our health, families and lives. 

There is no point in recruitment drives if people leave after 12 months. We need to show amazing people that already work in care that they are valued and treat them as professionals both in terms of payments and social perception.

Treat care workers better and that will help retain staff.


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