Talk Health and Care

the very basic needs

things that we have been campaigning for and that are needed to help social care:
-registration of all care workers which will finally show that care work is treated as a profession it should be, protect care workers and people using care services and support providers in employing people that want to make care work a career, (we already hold a voluntary register of our members)
-standardised and transferable training and CPD opportunities the same that other health and social care professionals have,
-voice for care workers in policy development and multidisciplinary teams,
-better working and contractual conditions, especially in terms of pay for travel time and sleep-in shifts,
-specialised care worker pathways
-recognition that people do not stay care workers for 10 years because they cannot do anything else or are stupid but because they care are great at helping people and that in itself is an immense achievement.

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