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finally treat care work as a profession

Care work is a profession and it needs to be treated as such. Care workers deserve more respect and recognition for the work we do. We need to be included in the multidisciplinary teams that look after people as we often know them best and spend the most face-to-face time with them.

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Simone Dunford 9 months ago

A few years ago it was talked about all care workers obtaining a registered PIN number, much the same as that of a Registered Nurse. I feel that this would be a great development forward, not only in the recognition and value of what a care professional is, but also in terms of requirements needed to be maintained such as CPD development.
I feel very strongly that this is an area that needs to be revisited by the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care.

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Adam DHSC 9 months ago

Thanks for your comments. How do you think we can make sure care workers get the respect and recognition they deserve?


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Hayley Boulton 9 months ago

I think there needs to be more education as to what their role is. They don’t get the recognition they deserve because so many people think that they just provide basic duties such as bathing, grooming, toileting etc. It’s much more than that. Care workers are integral to someone’s independence. They provide encouragement, prevent loneliness, promote dignity and create some wonderful friendships along the way. And then, when the service users passes away, they’re expected to just get on with it and carry on with their duties. They should be celebrated in the same way any health professional is. Afterall, with the continued increase in demand their role is going to ever more challenging but rewarding

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Karolina Gerlich 9 months ago

Dear Adam,
I refer you to the Professional Care Workers' Day and the work of NACAS.

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Karolina Gerlich 9 months ago

Dear Adam,
As per the previous reply please have a look and note things that we have been campaigning for:
-registration of all care workers which will finally show that care work is treated as a profession it should be, protect care workers and people using care services and support providers in employing people that want to make care work a career, (we already hold a voluntary register of our members)
-standardised and transferable training and CPD opportunities the same that other health and social care professionals have,
-voice for care workers in policy development and multidisciplinary teams,
-better working and contractual conditions, especially in terms of pay for travel time and sleep-in shifts,
-specialised care worker pathways
-recognition that people do not stay care workers for 10 years because they cannot do anything else or are stupid but because they care are great at helping people and that in itself is an immense achievement.
Please feel free to contact me in person to discuss further.

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Karolina Gerlich 8 months ago

One of the ways is the Professional Care Workers' Day that NACAS run on the 4th of September and we will run every year. A day of recognition and appreciation of the amazing work that care workers do. Would the DHSC get involved next year?

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