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Standardised training and CPD

Care workers should be finally recognised as skilled professionals. We deserve fit for purpose and standardised the training of better quality and higher level than Care Certificate that seems to assume that care workers are academically challenged. Training pathways for specialist care workers such as dementia or learning disabilities should be created. Training should be portable and care workers should not pay for annual mandatory sessions. People who wish to remain in very rewarding care worker positions and not become managers should be supported with CPD programmes and role development courses. Care work is a profession and needs to be trained as such.

How does your employer help you to develop your skills or career?

What would you like to happen to enable you to develop your skills and career more?

edited on Nov 2, 2018 by Isabel DHSC

Samuel P DHSC 8 months ago

Thank you very much for your comment. We agree that care workers are skilled professionals and that training benefits both care workers and those they care for.

You mention the need for specialist training pathways such as in dementia or learning disabilities. Do you have any other suggestions for specialist training that would be helpful for workers within the sector?


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Karolina Gerlich 8 months ago

Dear Sam,
We gave the ideas at the meeting with the workforce strategy people from your department. I have not heard back from them, unfortunately.
The ideas where an improved Care Certificate that is standardised across the sector as at the moment it is delivered in many different ways ranging from 2 days to 12 months.
On top of that front line care worker CPD specialised pathway programmes where care workers can follow a dementia specialism, for example, the same way you have specialist nurses. It needs to be recognised that care workers working on the front line for 10 or 20 years are an incredibly valuable resource and need to be supported in their professional development which should also be followed by pay.

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Fay Gibbin 7 months ago

Hi Karolina,

Really interesting to read your post and couldn’t agree more with your comments. You’re right, care workers should be recognised as skilled professionals. In September the Independent Care Group called for this too, so I think it’s an important point to raise. We need to change attitudes and opinions inside and outside the sector, because care isn’t just a job it’s a career.

Training should be available to care workers no matter what stage of their career they are at. You mentioned that you believe a pathway for specialist courses for dementia and learning disabilities should be created. The good thing for the sector is that these courses already exist and there are dedicated, extremely knowledgeable training officers out there who are able to deliver the training carers need to support their career and help them to deliver outstanding care.

We need to see more funding put in place to help care settings make training a priority because the quality of care provided, really does come down to the quality of the team.

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Karolina Gerlich 7 months ago

Dear Fay,

Thank you for your comment. I am aware that care workers can undertake specialist training already as I have done so myself. What I meant above was those specialist pathways should be nationally available and recognised with appropriate pay and CPD opportunities and sector-wide recognition. They should be industry standard pathways.
I agree that more funding needs to be put in place as at the moment a lot of the sector is run on the goodwill of care workers.

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