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My experience of the recruitment processes in HSC generally is that they are intensely bureaucratic, especially in NHS and result in repeated visits before start of contract that are not remunerated even to the extent of expenses. Often the Job Description does not resemble what is actually required and does not connect to the larger team mission.  Like many other back office functions in HSC, the HR dept does not demonstrate the values and principles of the organisation and is not customer focused. This needs an extensive overhaul. 

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Andrea G 7 months ago

I agree, check my proposal

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MalcolmRG 2 months ago

This was true for the Hospital Trust I joined about 5 years ago. It is still true now. We've had new starters from all over the country have to attend an office twice, when everything could have been done in one visit. Ultimately new starters could have to spend an extra day travelling and about £70 (for example) on petrol or transport. This is a lot of unnecessary effort for them to go to for the sake of a few minutes verifying their identity and scanning / signing documents. At that time they will have often lots of additional stress moving house, working their notice at their previous employer, and possibly arranging new schools for their children. Basically, before a new employee has even started, the Hospital Trust shows it doesn't really care about its staff. The Trust is content making its staff go to unreasonable lengths and expense, just because it's a bit easier to fit in with an inadequate system.

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