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Having been a carer and a manger and now a director I have seen Health and Social care from different views. 

when I was a carer I relied on my seniors to support me and make me feel comfortable that I could go to them if I had concerns or worries. This wasn't always the case as they were "Too busy" or never visible within the business other than behind a name on an email address!

Bullying is a national problem and not only in the care sector but everywhere. Especially now we have the added pressures of Social Media. 

I am very passionate about this and will ensure any concerns are dealt with effectively and efficiently and ensure everyone is kept informed of what's going on and why.

This is also where the Duty of Candour comes into play and training staff of being open and transparent and that everyone can make mistakes the important thing is we avoid them and when they are made learn from them, But this is again where it is important management are visible within the company to regularly converse with staff and find out how they are doing, do they need support, additional training or anything. They need to feel they can come to us and tell us what they worry about and wont be punished for it. 

We will be doing policy of the month at team meetings to give people additional opportunities to go over these to ensure understanding and come forward with any concerns. 

I think everyone should lead by example. this starts at the top to always be open and transparent and have an open door policy. 

Another thing we considered was cameras in service users homes (providing they consent) as I believe this would have a positive effect on staff as they would not cut corners knowing its possible for people to see them and of they did its an opportunity to learn from mistakes. Families could monitor progress without having to always physically be in the house and would feel more at ease knowing their loved ones are being looked after. The service users would feel secure knowing that if there was an issue they could talk to the camera and get help. 


What would you like to happen to help you work without fear of bullying, discrimination or violence?

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Morganth 8 months ago

I agree. Transparency is vital in all aspects of working with patients. An open door policy is perfect for dealing with issues. But what do you do when the bullies are the managers?

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Gillian Holden 7 months ago

We teach all our team to be open and transparent! Whoever that is. We are all after all one big team. I am a director and Registered Manager but often seen out in the business so the team know I am there for them and support them 100%.

Our team know if they feel that I am un-supportive or doing wrong they know where to go to report that. We have literature all over the place to direct and guide people.

As a leader its my belief that if you see wrong doing and DON'T report it then you are just as guilty! We see complaints or concerns as a gift. As that information enables us to apologise, correct and reflect! Which then makes our business better!! Isn't that what we all want?

Always be honest and report any wrong doings. NOBODY should have to suffer bullies.

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Kwadwo Wadee 8 months ago

You are an example of how things should be done, unfortunately people like you are very hard to find and the bullying and harassment is common in the NHS. If you are a junior staff and speak out be prepared to walk I know because I know someone who has and continue to go through hell just for challenging a decision that would have destroyed her career even though the evidence is on her side

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Morganth 7 months ago

You are so really doesn't pay to say anything, as it is you who are destroyed by it

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Gillian Holden 7 months ago

But if you don't say you are as guilty as they are and that's not right either!

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Gillian Holden 7 months ago

I'm sorry to hear that kwadwo! I would say to that person keep speaking out if you see wrong in this industry! Because eventually voices get heard if we shout loud enough. Report it to the right people and you will be heard.
I don't see people speaking out as a failing but a learning curve. I don't understand why others don't. Nobody or no business is perfect. We can all always learn.

Maybe what we need to do then is teach leaders and managers new ways of looking at complaints or criticism.

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Caroline Dinenage 7 months ago

Dear Gillian,
Thank you very much for your detailed contribution.

You have highlighted some very important issues. Ensuring that those in senior positions are fostering open, friendly and supportive work environments for their social care staff helps staff to be confident and empowered in their work, while helping to ensure that service users are delivered the best possible quality of care.
It also opens up opportunity for the development of all staff, allows staff to gain valuable experience from their colleagues, and help to improve retention within the social care sector.

You also highlighted the issue of bullying, which Beverley Latania recently spoke about in her #TalkHealthAndCare blog - She has offered some interesting ideas about addressing this problem. If you have any additional thoughts, please do continue to use this platform to let us know.

We really value forward-thinking staff like you in social care, who work to meet the needs of staff and create positive working environments while providing excellent social care.
Thank you and please continue to share your ideas on the #TalkHealthAndCare portal.


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