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Rebecca Roberts
Rebecca Roberts | 9 months ago | in Getting the basics right

The biggest challenge facing Providers is, without doubt, Recruitment.

The face of Care is still seen as ‘a last resort job’ even though it is far from that!

With great Training, fair pay, Personal Development and the right support, Care is a fantastic career path and can lead to Management opportunities.

I have written to a number of Government figures suggesting a Social Care Recruitment drive (National) to showcase the wonderful opportunities and unrivalled job satisfaction that is always available.

This will have the added bonus of easing bed-blocking AND lower unemployment.

We are looking to recruit, train and develop up to 50 people in the next 12 months, but finding it increasingly difficult, very costly and receive no support financially and constantly fight against people’s view of Care....

It wouldn’t cost much for the Government to help with a Recruitment Drive on TV for instance!

Let’s work together to make us all Care Confident and raise the bar Nationally.

Must add that Skills for Care is the very best support for all Providers....brilliant!!

Adam DHSC 9 months ago

Hi Rebecca,
Thanks for your comments. You will see in a comment in response to Jess, Matt Hancock discusses a recruitment campaign in adult social care:

Please continue to share ideas and comments


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