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'World Class NHS'

World Class Hospital 1. One-stop-shop, seamless service 2. Transparent 3. Flexible, personalised 4. Caring, empathetic 5. Proactive, Anticipatory 6. Visitor-friendly 7. Highly motivated staff.

The Seven Common Pitfalls of Customer Service in Hospitals 1. Multiple handover 2. Lack of transparency 3. One-size-fits-all 4. Lack of empathy 5. Reactive approach 6. Failure to serve the patient’s extended families 7. Overworked staff.

Prof. Rene T. Domingo Asian Institute of Management

JKMCS 7 months ago

You raise some really valid and key points here Patricia, all of which we've witnessed. Hoping we can fulfill the world class hospital list rather than remaining with the pitfalls. Good stuff...

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(Account removed) 7 months ago

Great reference and thanks for sharing. Do you have any examples of hospitals which are on their way to achieving this?

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