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Missed Opportunity

Employers should recognise that there will soon be opportunities to fill vacancies through the introduction of the T-Levels and route ways, however whilst those sectors with a route way can  look forward to engaging with young people at post 16+ with a technical route in to their sector.

Social care unfortunately will not be one of them, it has been deemed by someone in the IFA/BUS that the social care sector employers prefer a direct route in to apprenticeships. 

the debate here is this true? working as a national employer we would embrace the concept of technical routes not just as Cavendish recommended "a year to care" but in this case "2years to care" even better,

this would mean we would be getter 18+ with a high technical understanding of our sector, the core values and behaviours along with the career opportunities it will afford them

surely if we are to discuss  unified, collaborative approaches, integration, parity and recognition, this should start with a joint attraction and offer to young people.

so not having a technical route way in to social care is it a missed opportunity or can we reverse the decision wrongly made sometime ago?

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Geraldine Donworth 5 months ago

The decisions about the T level routes for care and health are not ones I really understand particularly given the low numbers of 16-18 year olds employed in care. And the need to create more routes into care. Actually though, why separate out health and care in this way? Surely we should be preparing the future workforce to be able to work in integrated services.

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Sam P DHSC 5 months ago

Dear Nigel,

Thank you very much for your post.

You have identified an important issue which has been raised by others on the platform and several times through our wider sector engagement, so we have reached out to the Department of Education to better understand the decision and our options for the future.


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