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Employment rights of junior doctors (especially childcare)


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Junior doctors on training programs are often required to move hospitals, and so employers, annually. Some employment rights, in particular shared parental leave, require a period of service with a particular employer to grant eligibility. Shared parental leave requires that the employee be employed by the granting employer for 26 weeks at 15 weeks pre-delivery of the child. If required to move employer annually, this makes taking any shared parental leave (particularly at for instance six months of age) impossible (despite continuous service within the NHS). This situation also arises with childcare vouchers, which are now being grandfathered in favour of tax-free childcare. Individuals lose their right to remain in the childcare vouchers scheme when changing employers (i.e. hospital trusts), despite remaining employed within a deanery on a training program. It is encouraging that progress has been made in allowing whistleblower protection on a deanery rather than hospital trust level, however the provision of other standard employment rights in a fashion that recognised continuous employment in the NHS, rather than rotational employment, would be greatly appreciated.

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