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Urgent training for all staff to understand what bullying is - it is all of our responsibility.

Bullying happens from upwards - downwards, downwards - upwards - and sideways.

Please define the behaviours and attitudes that can influence and cause bullying, harrassement and undermining behaviour.  Courtesy and kindness to each other is essential. Please help us to make happier work places.....we spend a lot of time at work...this is the greatest weekness - unhappy work places...too much pressure... help us.


What would you like to happen to help you work without fear of bullying, discrimination or violence?

Mechanism in place to action at the time.

Bullying behaviour, undermining behaviour is unsafe

Staff must clearly understand the boundaries. I don't  think this is understood.

List of bullying and undermining behaviours, so all staff know what they are

Colleagues must understand their responsibility to each other every moment

Training and time, and cpd allowance is vital for all to understand and challenge.

Time given to do appraisals, so that staff can share their concerns

A protocol that is usuable at the time of the action ensuring instant escalation.

An incident form must be completed

Identify and train colleagues about bullying cultures, and undermining cultures - train staff.

No personal comments to staff from staff or patients, or aggression or anger during the working day.

No offensive language at all.

No gossiping.

No unkindness

Train us on how to deal with unacceptable behaviour from patients - and professional guidance on this please.


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Dani DHSC 9 months ago

Hi Mary - thank you for your feedback. The NHS Social Partnership Forum (which brings together the NHS, Trade Unions and the Department of Health and Social Care to discuss the development and implementation of the workforce implications of policy) has been working with the NHS on identifying the issues and finding solutions. It’s clear that those in positions of authority need to understand how their behaviours can impact on others and that, in some cases, they may not recognise the negative impact they could be having. And we agree with you that managers also need to be supported and helped to get the training they need. Of course staff recruited to the NHS should be able to demonstrate the right values and behaviours needed to care for patients, support staff but also tackle problems when they see them so challenges such as bullying can be addressed early. We will be continuing to update the health and care sectors with latest advice, guidance and good practice to help them tackle bullying so thank you again for sharing your thoughts.

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Christine Mark 8 months ago

I am one of many thousands of entry level admin staff. I am leaving the Trust I have given over 10 years of my commitment and support to mainly due to my supervisor, rapidly promoted to a post without addressing the requirement for the need for the right kind of people training skills in leadership, conflict resolution and assertiveness and also, more to the point, her managers not addressing that she required it.

I gained support from friends in the Trust, but they don't blame me for leaving.

I continue to support the NHS as an excellent environment for career development.

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