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Win/win management of annual leave

This idea will give staff more control over their annual leave & make more hours available for work.

This may not be universal throughout the NHS but some years ago, in hospitals, the concept of carry-over annual leave was effectively removed as a tool for staff & managers to use. This was because it had to be accounted for & was considered a debt (to staff).  In my DGH it was valued at over £1m in the Trust accounts.

Before this management decision we allowed, & in some cases encouraged, staff to save up to 5 days annual leave (as permitted under HR policies).

This allowed staff to use their annual leave for urgent home issues such as caring emergencies. They knew that if they made these plans to manage home issues, & they didn’t need to use the leave, then they wouldn’t lose it. 

The result of preventing the use of carry-over leave was that staff lost the ability to manage what they knew were their home responsibilities. Instead there was an increase in the use of domestic/carer leave. So, the organisation lost out on this time which would previously have been given willing by staff!

Sam DHSC 9 months ago

Thanks very much for your comment Paul.

We'd be interested to hear if this happens elsewhere and what impact it has.



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Mandy Hollis 8 months ago

Sam, I believe it is common across the NHS, use it or lose it.

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maggie coleman 8 months ago

yes this is very common and happens within our organisation

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