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Monitoring and watchful presence are key..

My employers respond to unacceptable behaviour towards the staff within our work place, by contacting the police, once the internal procedures feel exhausted.

The staff who are trained to contain excessive expression of emotions or behaviour are usually available to stop the situation from getting out of control.

For unacceptable behaviour from one staff to another, there are processes to develop an understanding to provide a solution. The staff are guided to consider their options, professionally, to ensure the best for the staff and pupils.

What would you like to happen to help you work without fear of bullying, discrimination or violence?

The colleagues to be trained to gain an insight as to what triggers the violent outbursts in children and young people and how to contain such dynamics.

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Do you know of any existing training available?

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Yonca Ozkaya 7 months ago

Hello, Amy.
If it feels right, the following options could be considered:
A DVD produced by The Glendon Association "Effectively Intervening With Violent Behaviour, An Interview with Dr Peter Fonagy";;
The Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education; and its sister organisation, The Centre for Child Mental Health in Islington, London.
Violent behaviour is linked to interruptions during the early emotional developmental stages. Day or longer training options focusing on early developmental experiences and related challenges in behaviour and emotional capacity may provide further understanding as to how best to reach those who feel no one can tune in to their deep needs.
Hope the above is useful.
Kind regards,
Yonca Ozkaya

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