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When multi-disciplinary team efforts feel blocked...

In my professional role, I refer children and young people via the safeguarding officer based in our Pupil Referral Unit, to CAMHS. I am told that there is a waiting list of 18 months. I am aware of the limits of my therapeutic intervention, also aware of alternative interventions that might work better, but the child or young person, cannot get the right treatment at the time of need. This causes me to feel as if I am powerless and sometimes continue to work with the child / young person until a solution can be found, and tend to feel overloaded. To achieve my true professional capacity, I need to work within the capacity I am capable of working. Feeling overworked naturally can reduce my existing capacity to care therapeutically.

Amy J France 3 weeks ago

That must be very difficult given how hard you work and it sounds like you care for every young person you see. Have you seen the response to the children and young people's mental health green paper that the Department of Health & Social Care and Department of Education published earlier this year?

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Yonca Ozkaya 3 weeks ago

Thank you, Amy.
I had a chance to provide my perspectives during the consultation period via my professional organisation BACP.
I had not seen the result of that consultation. Thank you again.
I shall read it.
Best wishes,
Yonca Ozkaya

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Amy J France 6 days ago

Hi Yonca, have you had chance to read the consultation response? I'd love to hear what you thought of the report

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Yonca Ozkaya 6 days ago

Hello, Amy.
I did not have a chance yet.
Hope to respond to you in detail as soon as feasable.
Kind regards,

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